“I had a farm on the foot of Ngong mountains ” who doesn’t remember that legendary quote from Out of Africa, based on Karen Blixen’s life? My stay in Africa, specifically in Kenya, isn’t the basis of a book, but it’s one of those trips that you keep in mind forever and I would like to share my experience with you. 

When we decided to visit Kenya, we found out about Mundo Posible by chance. They lead solidarity trips to personally visit the local development projects that they are undertaking. We thought that it was incredibly interesting and we wanted to do something different, to go a bit deeper than the usual tours offered by tour companies.

We clearly made the best decision. It was a great idea and I encourage you  to take the same opportunity and visit those projects. When I returned and was asked about my trip, I always answered with the same sentence: “you have to go there with an open mind to dive in their culture, their way of living, the wonderful light in Africa, their colors and smells, etc.” 

We had the chance to visit two of the projects that Mundo Posible is developing. The first of them was in Mariashoni, where they took us to Kiptunga Forest to learn the local flora: its wonderful trees and their medicinal plants (still used to combat different illnesses).  We also learned how that culture is perserved across generations and in the end they showed us how they traditionally collected honey. A great experience.

We ate the typical food. Everything was rich and flavorful, cooked with a lot of love. At the end the visit, we saw the store where they sell the honey and the Karunga store, led by a group of women that make teddies with sheep wool.

The second visit was to the Baringo zone. There we visited an educational project, where we planted a mango tree in the school. The children of the school, with their wonderful smiles and eyes, sang and danced for us. The thing I will never forget, after a tasty traditional lunch, was the afternoon with the Ilchamu women. They also sang and danced and they encouraged us to join them as if we were one of them.  I’ll treasure that moment of union and connection in my heart forever. 

Beyond the wonderful experience of visiting the development projects, you also collaborate with them, to move them forward and give them the opportunity to give back to the people who most need it.

They are simple and easy people, welcoming, friendly and always have a thankful smile. Thank you for this unique experience. Take the chance to join them and live your dream! 

I can’t forget to thank Raquel, Samuel and their “little” lion Julia, for all their affection, hospitality, etc.