The moment I stepped into the Nairobi airport, I shivered, something made me feel different. This place has something, I can’t tell exactly what. I would describe it as an dream-like paradise where you aren’t aware you’re part of it until you leave. The places I’ve seen were created by spectacular landscapes of infinite dimensions: incredibly large trees that appear to have no end, wild animals walking near you, but, above all, a group of wonderful people that make you feel a part of their lives. 

Happy people, with great smiles and incredibly warm. Kenya has shown me a special kind of people, that can’t be found in many places. I’m speaking about people that offer you more than what they have, that proudly show their life, built with great effort. They show you their manners, the life of their ancestors, their tasty food, etc. and all of this always with a great smile. 

I spent two weeks traveling, learning Swahili words, meeting cultures and making friends. We traveled by car because the distance we had to cover was very long. We visited Nakuru, Naivasha, Molo, Elementaita Lake, Mariashoni … and many more places I can’t remember right now.

We took a walk through the forest, that was blooming green, we saw how the honey was collected, we visited an animal orphanage, slept in a natural reserve crowded with hippos and giraffes, sat in a black sand shore watching the flamingos take a bath in green water, planted a tree in a school, walked by the lake, danced with Maasai women, and a lot more experiences that will be impossible to forget. 

This could only happen in Kenya, and only in two weeks. Without any doubt, it has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life. Time went by so fast that,  before I realized it, I was already saying goodbye to my friends. Even so, I hope to go back some day and see how things have changed. Ah, and to see my tree obviously. 

To conclude, I’d like to share a couple of words I have learned in my trip: “Napenda”, which means “I like it”… So Napenda Kenya!