Mundo Posible

Mundo Posible is an association that joins people who carry out micro-actions to transform the world

Mundo Posible is a nonprofit association created on April 26th 2017 by a group of people committed to social change. We think that accomplishing small and meaningful actions can achieve great impact and thus change the world little by little.

The association brings together people from different nationalities and origins, with experience in cooperation, social development and volunteering. We want to add up our small actions and act as an engine for social change.

Our Actions

Our micro-actions are aimed at the following objectives: acting as an engine of change in empowering the most disadvantaged people to support a qualitative change in their living conditions, sensitizing people to achieve a committed point of view, and promoting knowledge exchange of the different realities of the world. Our activities are led following two axes:


Giving support to:

  • Schools in the public education system and other education centers
  • Vulnerable people, especially the youth who are in danger of exclusion
  • Improving the health system and public health conditions
  • Improving gender equality and women’s sexual and reproduction rights
  • Fostering favorable conditions for small businesses and jobs creation
  • Promotion of ethical and eco-sustainable investment for social business
  • Protection of the environment and bio-diversity

Organize and support:

  • Solidarity trips. Mundo Posible organizes solidarity trips to visit countries of the global South in an alternative and closer way so that you can contribute with your small actions.
  • Volunteer stays. We believe that volunteering in countries of the global South helps promote sensitization and awareness of the planet’s reality. We organize volunteer stays to ensure there’s a benefit for the community and the volunteer.
  • Sensitization actions. We organize activities and exhibitions to encourage awareness of some of the problems that our planet is facing currently.
  • Education and development activities. During the year we work closely with different schools in the northern and southern hemispheres to foster exchange experiences. 

Team at Mundo Posible

The people forming Mundo Posible come from different origins and nationalities. We live in different places of the world.

We also have different areas of work experience and education fields which enriches the exchange of ideas and points of view. What is more important, we are open to receive more people that want to join us and commit to carrying out small actions for social change and awareness. Would you like to join us?


Join us and be involved actively in the development and fundraising of our projects.