Solidarity Trip to Kenya

Discover Kenya by visiting projects that support the local community.

Get to know the real Kenya and locals, away from the tourist route. With the rural development projects, you’ll be able to get to know more deeply the local people as well as the community and women’s groups that fight to improve their lives.

Learn their songs and traditional dances, their typical food, their methods of farming and caring for their animals, their medicinal plants and ancestral rituals.

Travel in a new way and contribute to supporting the locals; Karibu Kenya! (Welcome to Kenya)

Attractions and activities on the solidarity trip to Kenya

Mau Forest

Come to the heart of the Mau Forest, threatened by deforestation, to visit the project that offers alternatives to the exploitation of the forest. 

Learn the traditional knowledge of herbal medicine with the Ogiek ethnic group.

  • Visit the Mau Forest with a guided tour of the traditional and medicinal plants.
  • Visit the Ogiek museum-lodge and enjoy a traditional meal.
  • Visit the honey production project of the Ogiek. You’ll see the old hives and the new cooperative.


Travel to Baringo region, a very vulnerable area, to visit the nutrition support programs for schools and small farmers.

Ilchamu ethnic group, Maasai.

  • Visit small farmers engaged in a project that is providing seeds, materials and training.
  • Visit an Ilchamu school that created an organic school orchard. Plant a tree!
  • Interact with the Asanteni women’s group to try typical food and learn traditional songs.
  • Cross the equator and visit local artisans.

Kokwa Island

Visit Kowa Island in Baringo Lake and the school and health center projects.

Ilchamu traditional rituals (Masaai).

  • Take a boat trip to Kokwa island to meet the education support project team. 
  • Experience Maasai traditional dancing & breakfast.
  • Explore the lake by boat, discover its animals, the local fishing traditions and how they preserve fish. 


Meru is a warm and temperate area located near Mount Kenya. Due to the subsistence agriculture, the Meru ethnic group lack basic sanitary and educational infrastructure. 

  • Support the activities of St. Patrick’s orphanage with children between 2 and 13 years old. Take them to school, help them with homework and their daily duties. Organize fun activities on the weekends. 
  • Support the kindergarten and primary school. 
  • Meet and help the regional sanitary center team. 


Experiences of the Kenya Solidary Trip

The moment I stepped into the Nairobi airport, I shivered, something made me feel different. This place has something, I can’t tell exactly what. I would describe it as an dream-like paradise where you aren’t aware you’re part of it

Cristina Terroso
Cristina Terroso

“I had a farm on the foot of Ngong mountains ” who doesn’t remember that legendary quote from Out of Africa, based on Karen Blixen’s life? My stay in Africa, specifically in Kenya, isn’t the basis of a book, but

Sonia Benito
Sonia Benito


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