Monthly Archives: October 2021

31 Oct

Including The Boy Child in Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

For decades, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education has concentrated on training the girl child to empower them. However, one of the hardships faced by girls and women in general in a patriarchal society is the lack of equally educated boys/ men in society. Having boys/men who are not educated makes it challenging to achieve meaningful strides in the fight for equal opportunity among boys and girls in vulnerable communities. When we began sexual and reproductive health education, we focused on...

16 Oct

Information is Power

INFORMATION IS POWER Information is power. During our weekly meetings with rural women in vulnerable communities, we have heard the story of what they did when they were young, and usually the cause of the mistake was lack of information. Information is a crucial aspect in our daily to day decision making. In Baringo county, most girls and women do not have any access to sexual education. Early marriage and early pregnancies are not something that used to happened in the past,...

08 Oct

IDP Women in Lake Baringo

It is six’o clock in the morning and the sun is rising in the horizon. We are starting our trip to a region in Baringo where Internal Displaced People (IDPs) live since 2013, when they were located there because of the water rising of Lake Baringo. We meet a women group composed by 30 members, they are Ilchamus, a minority ethnic group part of the bigger Maasai ethnic group, who live around Lake Baringo, in Baringo county, Kenya. As part of...