Reusable sanitary pads

Lots of teen girls stop going to school when they have their menstrual cycle due to the stigma caused by the possibility of staining and the absence of usual sanitary pads. The creation of reusable pads made of cloth, along with their explanation and raising of awareness is a solution for these girls. With this solution, these girls can avoid losing a good part of their school year because of this situation.

Reusable sanitary pads kits

Mundo Posible is supporting different groups of women in Kenya to produce reusable sanitary pads. These pads are made of special cloths, and it is a durable solution for the child girls to go to school.

Each child girl is given a Reusable sanitary pad kit, which contains all the necessary things to manage her menstruation: several pads, panties, a transport bag to dispose the used pads and soap. These items go inside a backpack bag made with African fabric, to empower the girl to carry to school without shame. 

The reusable sanitary pad kit also represents a sustainable option to protect the environment.

Learning new things

Lots of the teen girls in the rural areas of Kenya do not go to school when they have their periods, due to the fact that they can’t buy disposable pads and using the traditional methods they have to stay at home, sometimes sitting down over old pieces of cardboard or pieces of blankets.

Mundo Posible offers training in schools and rural communities in Menstrual Hygiene Management, for the adolescents to understand the topic of menstruation and enhancing resources for them.

A new method

Lots of girls were missing from 3-4 days to 1 week of classes every month because they did not have pads. It is not rare that in many areas of Kenya, girls even have sex with men in exchange of sanitary pads. 

Mundo Posible wants to reach out as many teenagers as possible to give them education and a Reusable sanitary pad kit for each of them. The ones who have already received, have reduced their scholar absenteeism and, when asked about it, they are really happy with this new option. They have nothing to fear now: they can go to school and they do not have to find unreliable methods to cover their monthly needs

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