Yearly Archives: 2022

09 May


How is life in your community? Which are the main challenges faced by women here? We asked these questions to Salina, who lives in a rural distant community in Baringo county, Kenya, when we went to visit her women group for the first time a few months ago. “A woman is overworked at home, she wakes up early and sleeps late, everything depends on her. Life here is very hard. We have scarcity of water. The father has got no activities...

29 Mar

Income generating activities’ training with Christie-Lee and Coco

It was one of the hottest days of the drought season in Baringo, Kenya, when Christie-Lee and her daughter Coco came with us to one of the training sessions for the rural women groups in Baringo. This was going to be the third session with two rural women groups from Kailer region, who have joined together the program of The Little Big Project Kenya, to receive several sessions in menstrual, sexual and reproductive health rights and income generating activities. Previously,...

25 Jan

Under Kailer´sun

It is 9 am in the morning and the sun is already hot in Baringo, Kenya. We are all in the car, fully parked with the Mundo Posible equipment that we use for the training sessions. One of the directors from the schools in the location we are heading to is in the car with us, and we are all enjoying a hearty conversation in our different languages. Some are speaking in English, some Swahili and others Ilchamus, as we...